Outsourcing and Managed Services 2017-05-20T09:56:01+12:00

If you want to avoid the costly overheads of running IT department, then Managed Services is a viable solution. We take full responsibility for all IT processes as a single point of contact

With Managed Services, your IT needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. Our highly skilled IT professionals are ready and able to respond to every technology-related issue that arises within your business, often before you even realise there is a problem.

Our managed services offerings are expressly designed to align to our clients’ need for a high degree of flexibility in the way they procure IT services. Our managed services expertise spans a broad range of technology domains, including

System Monitoring
System Maintenance
Bandwidth Monitoring
System Reporting
Incident Management
Change Control
User Support
24/7 Remote Assistance
Network Security
Backup & Restore